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A career at South Matrix is synonymous with upward mobility and ample professional development. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering entry-level individuals the opportunity to grow into team leadership roles within a fun, competitive, team-oriented environment. The work here is meaningful, challenging, and entrepreneurial based, perfect for creative thinkers and "people's people"!

South Matrix is hiring for an entry level position in the field of marketing, sales, and account management. We are an industry leader that works with our clients at the national level. Our niche as a leading outsourced sales and marketing firm provides our company with a strong infrastructure and long-term stability. Our company has a history of exceeding our client’s goals and has always provided a work environment conducive to growth and advancement.

We are currently seeking candidates for our Account Manager position. This position is entry level, regardless of experience. All Account Managers are given the opportunity to advance into an executive management position.


• Campaign management
• Campaign coordination
• Customer acquisition and retention
• Team management
• Teaching, training, and coaching of others
• Managing current and new accounts
• Territory management
• Face-to-Face marketing
• Lead-based sales

Daily Operations

• Leadership development and management training
• Team building workshops
• Business meetings and goal setting
• Conference calls
• Direct marketing and sales training
• Face-to-face consulting with specified customers
• Delivering quality presentations


• Challenging work environment
• Fun team culture
• Travel opportunities
• Work for a Fortune 100 client
• Opportunity to advance into an executive management position
• Weekly team nights
• Company sponsored events like Regional Meetings and National Conferences

People work here to accomplish one of two goals:

In a world dominated by communications, the most important skillset taught at South Matrix is the ability to speak confidently and with influence. Individuals in our company learn not only how to represent our client, their product and service, but most importantly how to represent themselves; building on self-confidence, public speaking and team leadership abilities. Using experience with us as a springboard, former employees typically advance to the top of their respective industries.

A strong performer has the ability to begin in an entry level position, take advantage of our thorough training, and earn promotions into progressively bigger roles. For the entrepreneurial-minded leader, this route is a great way to climb great heights very quickly. Whether advancing into a marketing/sales management role, human resources, brand management, or financial management, all growth at South Matrix is organic and merit-based. We strongly believe that the best coaches were once former players; thus, we only promote internally.

The health of our staff is of the utmost importance to us, as is the health of our community, so we are acting with an abundance of caution. Our team has returned to the office, but all recruiting/interviewing will be done virtually or in a 1:1 setting. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we navigate returning back to work! If you have any questions, pleaseCONNECT HERE.